Fly Fishing

& Bonefishing

Join us for the ultimate fly fishing adventure as we chase after the elusive bonefish in our unrivaled waters

Experience the unparalleled allure of bonefishing in the pristine waters of the Turks & Caicos Islands. Our location near the equator ensures a year-round appeal with consistently warm waters, creating an enticing haven for seasoned saltwater fishermen seeking an exceptional adventure.

Discover extensive flats and enchanting mangrove canals, establishing the Turks & Caicos as a sought-after destination for avid bonefish enthusiasts. On average, our bountiful catches include bonefish weighing around 4 pounds, with impressive 8 pound catches being a common occurrence.

Operational across Providenciales (Provo), Pine Cay, Water Cay, North Caicos, Middle Caicos, East Caicos, and other nearby islands, our bonefishing experience offers a remarkable variety of settings.

Embark on an Exclusive Bonefishing Charter.

Half-Day or Full-Day Excursions Available!

Hop aboard “The Bone Crusher,” our flats fishing boat, and embark on an exciting adventure around North Caicos and Cays.

Our island’s skilled fly fishing guides will quietly guide you through shallow creeks and marsh areas, providing the perfect opportunity for fly fishing or spin casting for bonefish.

Along the way, be prepared for occasional thrilling encounters with sharks and barracudas. It’s an unforgettable expedition you won’t want to miss! 

Experience the World's Most Beautiful Location for Fly Fishing!

Whether casting gracefully from our polling skiffs or wading amidst serene tidal flats, every moment is enriched with extreme beauty and exclusivity.

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced guides, boasting a combined 80 years of tracking and anticipating bonefish behavior, adapting adeptly to varying weather conditions. Our friendly and supportive captains create a secure and enriching atmosphere, presenting you with invaluable learning opportunities.

Indulge in the essence of exceptional fly fishing, creating cherished memories in one of the world’s renowned marine playgrounds. Elevate your bonefishing pursuit to new heights and relish in an encounter that will leave you captivated long after the journey’s end.

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The bonefish weighs up to 19 lb (8.6 kg) and measures up to 90 cm (35 in) long. It is silvery in color with dusky fins. The bases of the pectoral fins are yellow.

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Tarpons are large fish of the genus Megalops; one species is native to the Atlantic, and the other to the Indo-Pacific Oceans.


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The common snook is also known as the sergeant fish or robalo.

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