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Mission Statement

Our Mission at Talbot’s Adventures is to provide safe and environmentally conscious access to the extraordinary natural wonders of our archipelago. We are deeply committed to fostering an appreciation for our land and culture, nestled in one of the world’s most unique and breathtaking marine and coastal environments. With a focus on sustainable growth in the Turks & Caicos, we aim to create a harmonious balance between exploration and conservation. Together, we envision a sustainable future where our efforts contribute to the preservation and appreciation of this remarkable paradise.

A History with the Sea

We at Talbot’s Adventures are passionate about educating both locals and tourists about the environment we call home. Here in the Turks & Caicos, our history with the sea runs deep. We are tied to the ocean in countless ways. For years, it has been central not only to our culture, but also to our economic growth.

In 1904, Capt. Levardo Talbot’s grandfather, Theophilus Talbot, arrived on Salt Cay — the smallest inhabited island in the Turks & Caicos — from Bermuda to work in the then-booming salt industry. A skilled shipwright and fisherman, Theophilus passed on all he knew to his children, including Oscar Talbot — Levardo’s father. Oscar, too, worked hard to ensure his children learned everything his father had taught him about the ocean and its relationship with people.

More than a century of life on the ocean has instilled in Levardo a commitment to preserving the history and culture of the TCI. It’s what led him to become a marine conservation officer with the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources for 10 years. It’s also why he became part of a research and expedition team in 2006 to uncover information about the Spanish slave ship Trouvadore that wrecked off East Caicos in 1841.

Through Talbot’s Adventures, he is carrying out his grandfather’s legacy with the sea as he educates visitors about the islands and our connection with the ocean.

At seventy-six years old, Oscar Talbot Sr. is a living legacy of his family’s long history of seafaring. This photo was taken at Salt Cay’s port of entry, Dean’s Dock, at the Salt Shed around 1963.

Born and raised in Turks & Caicos

Our captains and crew couple their profound local knowledge of the area with the finest fishing gear available to ensure you have a memorable day on the water—all while maintaining our commitment to conservation.

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Capt. Levardo Talbot

Passion for marine life and dedication to environmental and cultural conservation in the Turks & Caicos play a vital role in Talbot’s Adventures. Levardo has worked for various boat charter companies and spent 10 years as a marine conservation officer for the TCI Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs before launching Talbot’s Adventures in 2009.

Our Fleet

Safe, comfortable and impeccably maintained! Whatever your excursion, your boat is outfitted with all you need for your day on the water.

My Fair Share
32’ Boston, 11’ Beam with a Tuna Tower, perfect for off shore big game or Deep Sea fishing and Bottom fishing, also can accommodate for private snorkeling, cruising, Island Hopping and Customize private charters. This boat is equipped with a bath room (marine head) on board, music, swim ladders and comfortable cushions for a soft ride. Powered by twin Yamaha 250 hp, 4 stroke engines. Can accommodate up to 13 passengers.
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The Bone Crusher
(180 Fats series /Sea chaser by Carolina skiff), powered by a single Yamaha 100 hp outboard motor. Bone Crusher is designed to quickly maneuver through the shallow flats waters of the Turks Bank to mainly fly fish or spin cast for bonefish, snook, tarpon and permit and has the capacity to carry max of 2 Anglers.
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