Born and raised in the Turks and Caicos, our captains and crew couple their profound local knowledge of the area with the finest fishing gear available to ensure you have a memorable day on the water—all while maintaining our commitment to conservation.

Fish with the native

Capt. Levardo’s

Passion for marine life and dedication to environmental and cultural conservation in the Turks and Caicos play a vital role in Talbot’s Adventures. Levardo has worked for various boat charter companies and spent 10 years as a marine conservation officer for the TCI Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs before launching Talbot’s Adventures in 2009.

Our crew Talbot adventure - born and rase in TCI
Our crew Talbot adventure - born and rase in TCI

Captain Joseph

Born in then Bahamas but raised in the Turks and caicos Island. He always loved to see people with a smile on their faces and this is what he strive to make happen every day out on the water. With a natural love for marine life, Coming from a family of many fishermen. Fishing became his passion. He always keep an eye out for new things and is always ready to learn something new.

Our crew Talbot adventure - born and rase in TCI

Pendieno Brooks


My love for fishing began when I was about 6 years old, I went on my first fishing trip with my father on his boat. Since then I have been boating and fishing with different people and learnt many skills, which I would never forget. I developed a passion for the sport and I have no plans to quit.

I also have a love for soccer which I played for over 10 years now and started playing rugby about a year ago where I met new friends along with Capt. Levardo. That is when I became a part of his crew.

Zarek Swann Mate

His passion for fishing all started with the first boat charter companies on the island. He was on the boat since he was two. This had sparked his love and passion for fishing. Over the years he acquired many skills that not only help on the water but off the water has well. He is an accomplished spear fisherman and free diver.

Our crew Talbot adventure - born and rase in TCI


Each of our boats are well-equipped for any excursion, offering plenty of shade and comfortable seating, with ladders for easy access to the beach. Each boat has its own specialty, from fishing to cruising. Whatever your excursion, your boat is outfitted with all you need for your day on the water.

Our fleet Talbot adventure - born and rase in TCI
Our fleet at Talbot adventure - born and rase in TCI

My Fair share

32’ Boston, 11’ Beam with a Tuna Tower, perfect for off shore big game or Deep Sea fishing and Bottom fishing, also can accommodate for private snorkeling, cruising, Island Hopping and Customize private charters. This boat is equipped with a bath room (marine head) on board, music, swim ladders and comfortable cushions for a soft ride. Powered by twin Yamaha 250 hp, 4 stroke engines. Can accommodate up to 13 passengers.

The Blue Beast

30’ 10 Beam Grady White perfect for Private customize fishing and snorkeling, cruising, secluded coves, Bottom fishing and excellent for small groups of 8-10 ppl. This vessel is well equipped with a bath room, plenty of shade and swim ladders

Our fleet Talbot adventure - born and rase in TCI
Waterski boat

Cool Cat

Is a 38’ Beach at pontoon vessel, 15’ Beam boat mostly use for bigger groups for public snorkeling charters, Booze Cruise, Sunset Cruises, Glow Worm cruises, full day Beach BBQ, Family reunions, weddings, Beach Parties.

Capacity of passengers are 20-30 passengers. This boat has over 50% shade, bath room, 2 ladders for beach pickups and snorkeling. Well equipped with snorkeling equipment etc. Powered by twin 150 Yamaha 4 stroke engines.

Ski Boat

Is a 17’ well craft primarily use for water sports such as Tubing, banana Boat rides, manta boarding, hourly, ½ day and whole day customize watersports activities and can carry up to 6 passengers or more depending on the size and amount of kids.